BIO – Francesco Fanti (known as Frank Fanti) was born in Cagliari, on September 23, 1983. When he was very young, he used to spend most of his spare time trying to draw scenes from his favourite cartoons.

Growing up, he gained a strong passion for comic books and kept drawing “home-made” illustrations and comics, strongly influenced by the Japanese modern art panorama.

In 2002, he earned a diploma in Arts High School of Cagliari, and in 2010, he earned a degree in Foreign Languages and Literature with which he expanded his knowledge on Japanese culture.

Intrigued by the desire of extending the tales of his illustrations on skin, he entered the world of tattoos, in which he is a self-taught person and in 2013, he opened his own tattoo studio in the centre of Cagliari: Golden Hand Dojo Tattoo.

He does not like being labelled in any particular tattoo style. In fact, quoting a famous phrase in the world of martial arts he has always been fond of (and from which his choice of the word “Dojo” for his studio comes), “using no way as way” is his way to see things. However, if he has to choose, Frank winks at the realistic style, cartoons and Eastern subjects.


foto frank 1